Address Of Our Website:

Website it is a blog site that serves with its address and was established in 2020 and shares current articles.

Cookie Policy Applied By Our Website:

A number of companies serving ads on our website are divided into fields and provide the opportunity to stream data through platforms that will meet the publisher and advertiser. In this direction, the internet pages that users who visit our site have previously navigated in their cookies are registered by their browsers, and these browsers then show this panel to the advertising company. And this is not against the visitor. Because thanks to this feature, the visitor displays interesting ads on the topic they are interested in, and as a result, unnecessary ads are prevented from appearing.

Which Advertising Companies Does Our Website Use?:

Google Adsense ads are generally used on our website. The feature of these ads is to offer ads to the user in accordance with the interest of the user. For this reason, it shows the most relevant ads to the user by using the cookie feature of sites that the user has previously visited. This pleases both the user, the publisher and the advertiser.

For What Purposes Are Cookies Registered?

Cookies are not registered for any malicious purpose. As mentioned above, the main requirement for registering your cookies is to provide relevant advertising. Therefore, your cookies are saved only for this part. Any password etc. your information is never stored.